Our R&D team has significant experience in developing and manufacturing plasma light sources for different applications. One of our main products is ISTEQ's XWS-65 light source.

ISTEQ’s XWS-65 light source product was specially developed to be used for a variety of applications, including spectroscopy, high resolution microscopy, film measurement, surface metrology and others. This source is based on cutting edge technology: producing extremely high brightness across wavelengths ranging from 190nm-2500nm along with high stability and long lifetime.

The XWS-65 has been successful in replacing traditional Tungsten/Halogen, Xenon-arc, and Deuterium light sources. More than one of these light sources are required to cover the range of wavelengths that one XWS-65 source can fulfill. Using multiple lamps is expensive, optically not efficient, difficult to maintain and service. Having a reliable laser beam to heat up the plasma inside the Xe lamp prolongs the lifetime of the source hence eliminating the use of electrodes in the XWS-65, thus achieving high brightness and power with extremely high stability.

Our R&D team is continuously working to improve the performance of the source. The team, which includes optical, electronic and plasma physics engineers are instigating various ways to fulfill customers’ needs. We are currently working to increase the brightness of the source by a few factors in comparison to our nearest competitors. Also, we are planning different versions of this product from low to high brightness systems so that our customers will have a large range of options. We are also continuously improving the efficiency and reliability of XWS-65 components, such as drive laser, Xe lamp, Fiber coupling unit and others.

ISTEQ’s innovation team is always looking for enhancing the product to meet the customers’ demands.