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ISTEQ provides the service of virtual product testing and optimization through computer simulation. The academic background of our staff and years of experience guarantee our excellence in the development of computer models required for the precise description of complex products and systems. We model such systems and products to provide a customer with detailed information about performance and to indicate possible options for optimization.

We are a motivated and creative research consultancy team. Our method  of work relies on the combination of multi-physics multi-scale models and high-performance computing. Our main competences are high-temperature and low-temperature plasmas, computational fluid dynamics, optics and atomic physics.

We provide:
- Hydrodynamic simulation of a liquid metal droplet hit by laser:

- Simulations of light transmission though the metal grid structures using the Rigorous Coupled Wavelength Analysis (RCWA) enable accurate design of “high pass” filters for infrared radiation:

 - Simulation of atomic diffusion of Molybdenum in a Silicon crystal:


Methods for atomic simulation of solids, liquids and molecules:
- Ab'initio quantum chemistry (Hartree-Fock approach, methods
with electron correlation: MP2, CC, CI, multireference methods)
- Density functional theory (DFT)
- Semiempirical methods (CNDO, INDO, NDDO approximations)
- Empirical methods