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- Extra wide spectral range
- Ultra high brightness
- High stability
- Long lifetime


XWS-65 - laser pumped plasma ultrabright broadband light source

In XWS sources, plasma emits light due to the interaction between a continuous energy input from a laser and the gas medium used (optical discharge). These light sources have been developed as a replacement for traditional gas discharge lamps (Xenon, Deuterium, Tungsten, etc.) and LEDs. Compared to these, XWS sources have a wider spectral range and higher spectral brightness.



Spectral range:

 ▪ from 180 to 2500 nm (UV configuration)

 ▪ from 240 to 2500 nm (Ozone-free configuration)

 Spectral brightness (450-500 nm): 34 mW/(mm2×sr×nm)

 Laser power input: 65 W

 Full output power of source: XWS-65: 40 W

 Emitting body source dimensions: 250×400 μm

▪ lifetime: up to 10,000 hours

▪ temporal and spatial stability: RMS 0.25%

▪ lamp medium: Xenon


▪ light source head: 130×110×74 mm

▪ driver unit: 351×172×232 mm

▪ output aperture (by default): 24 mm

▪ C-mount for attaching optics

▪ power input via fiber

▪ optional – fiber coupling

Optional configurations:

UV or Ozon free

▪ Free space or fiber coupled







▪ Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy

▪ Microscopy, including confocal and fluorescence

▪ Diagnostics systems in microelectronics (contamination and defect control)

▪ Thin-film and critical dimension (CD) metrology

▪ Detectors in chromatography, microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip, droplet spectrometers, cytofluorimeters, etc.

▪ Biomedical applications (photodynamic therapy, etc.)

▪ Additive technologies (photopolymerisation)

▪ Artificial sunlight systems (test systems, illumination, etc.)




Download XWS broadband light sources brochure: