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Extra compact and extra sensitive X-Ray spectrometer which provides  absolute spectral measurement of low intensity X-ray radiation sources,  X-ray fluorescence analysis, EXAFS, etc.

- Broad spectral range

- High spectral resolution

- Absolute calibration


X-Ray spectrometer HD-1

An X-ray focusing crystal von Hamos spectrometer HD-1 was developed using graphite cylindrical crystals (radius of curvature R=20 mm) with a CCD linear array detector. CCD X-ray detectors have the advantages of high sensitivity, good signal-to-noise ratio, wide dynamic range and high spatial resolution.

HD-1 was specially developed for for such applications, as absolute spectral measurements of low intensity X-ray radiation sources,  X-ray fluorescence analysis, EXAFS, etc.

1. X-ray source;

2. Characteristic x-ray emission;

3. Multilayer cylindrical diffraction grating;

4. X-ray emission decomposed into spectral lines;

5. CCD line array (rotated 90 degree along cylinder axis as a visualization aid);

6. X-ray emission spectrum;

7. Axis of a cylindrical multilayer diffraction grating;


Implemented von Hamos scheme allows to use a CCD linear array as the X-ray detector, which provides high signal efficiency in a wide spectral range.





- Broad spectral range: 0.04-1.6nm

- High spectral resolution λ/Δλ=100

- Absolute efficiency calibration

- Very high detection efficiency

- Extra compact

- Installation inside vacuum chamber in a standard optical mount

- Large aperture ratio (102-103 higher in comparison to grazing incidence spectrometers)

Focusing geometry and mosaic focusing:

- No moving crystals

- No need for crystal exchange

- High spatial resolution

- Spectra can be recorded using compact and widely used detectors

Multilayer focusing optic allows capturing characteristic X-ray spectra of the next element:


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