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One-meter focal length grazing incidence spectrometer built in the Rowland circle configuration. This compact and versatile instrument allows the user to obtain a high quality time resolved VUV spectrum.

- Time resolution down to 5ns

- Broad spectral range

- High sensitivity


Rowland's spectrometer

A special MCP detector is placed in the cylindrical Rowland surface, which allows obtating high quality light spectrum with time resolution between down to 5ns. A special “no shadow” construction of the MCP housing ensurses high sensetivity of the detector and high level/noise ratio fot the VUV radiationg. A set of three gratings with different dispertion characteristics is used to provide an extended range (up to 36nm) of spectral coverage.


Spectrometer parameters

Grating, G/mm Range, nm
Dispersion, nm/mm Resolution, nm
300 12-36 0.37-0.54 0.15
600 6-8 0.18-0.27 0.07
1200 3-9 0.09-0.13 0.03