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We provide a complete program of gated MCP (micro channel plate) detectors for visualization of X-ray and VUV radiation. These detectors can be used for:

 - Time resolved visualization of plasma pulse in X-Ray or VUV

 - X-ray or VUV time/spatially resolved spectroscopy

 - High sensitive time/spatially resolved ion/electron spectrometry


X-Ray/VUV MCP detector

Each detector comes in a metal housing, equipped with a single MCP plate and a phosphor screen (on a fiber optic plate), which serves as a vacuum/air interface.
Fast detectors provide gating times between 5 and 50ns, which defines time resolution of the plasma imaging. Gating pulses are generated by high-voltage (up to 10kV) signal generator, developed by ISTEQ specially for MCP detectors.

Time resolved image of plasma burning in VUV spectral range (time steps 10ns). A-B - image in 5-100nm spectral range, B-C - 13,5nm

Main advantages: 

- Broad light spectral range: 0.01–100nm

- Charged particles sensitivity range: 0.005-10keV

- Very compact size

 MCP detector parameters:

Channel diameter Channel to channel distance Phosphor type Fiber optic channel diameter Fiber optic channel to channel distance
12μm 15μm ZnS(Cu) λ=520nm 5μm 8μm



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