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ASG spectrum

Amplitude Grating Spectrometer AGS for absolute measurements in a wide spectral range  from 6 to 200nm:

- Grazing incidence amplitude grating which provides extremely wide spectral range for the first order of light diffraction

- High quantum efficiency CCD

- Compact design


Grazing incidence XUV-VUV spectrometer AGS

ISTEQ’s new XUV-VUV spectrometer, specially developed for studying and characterizing the  emission from short-pulse laser experiments. AGS spectrometer consists of a grazing incidence amplitude grating and highly sensitive CCD. It is a powerful tool for the detection of photon flux at photon energies ranging from 6eV to 210eV. The absolute intensity and spectral calibration allows the determination of the UV photon number emitted by laser-based XUV-VUV sources, e.g. DPP and LPP sources and high-harmonic generation from plasma surfaces or in gaseous media.

Principle of spectrometer design:

  • The grazing incidence amplitude grating in comparison to a  free standing transmission grating is more reliable and robust at the same time providing higher sensitivity for a whole spectral range down to soft X-ray
  • Usage of flat amplitude reflecting grating  allows the avoidance of  all even orders of diffraction and provides deep suppression of higher odd orders, making high signal and low noise measurements
  • Absence of focusing elements in the scheme makes operation reliable in all spectral range and results in a very compact design
  • CCD detectors have stable quantum response and can be easily calibrated for quantitative measurements

In comparison to transmission grating spectrometers, ASG keeps high sensitivity for the whole spectral range down to 6nm:

ASG spectrum


Spectral range: 6 - 200nm
Resolution: λ/Δλ = 50

Grazing angle: 6deg
Slit width: 80um (by default), can be changed upon request
Grating: TGZ-2 (NT-MDT©), working area 3x3mm

Avaiable detectors:

  1. CCD line Toshiba 1304AP, 3600 elements, pixels period 8 um, sensitive part 6 um, inorganic phosphor
  2. CCD array Hamamatsu S7030/S7031 series 1024x122 pixels, 24um period
  3. ANDOR DX440-BN camera, 2048x512, 13.5 um period

or other CCD detector upon customer request.

ASG spectrometer scheme


Data examples

AGS was used for obtaining different elements spectra in XUV-VUV region in laser produced plasma experiments:

ASG spectrum example



Download AGS spectrometer brochure:

AGS spectrometer